Friday, July 12, 2013

Sewing Machine Shaming

Have you seen the 'Dog Shaming' posts, in which dogs "confess" their sins in well-phrased yet pathetic signs? (

Now the clever minds at Urban Threads ( have come up with  "Sewing Machine" shaming." They have some good ones, like these:
In their next day's blog post, readers chimed in with their own!

Hmm, which of my many machines should I embarrass? My tan Featherweight that hates its quarter inch foot? My vintage Bernina whose feed dogs are prone to inexplicable fainting spells?

Or maybe I love them both too much to humiliate them in public? Their flaws are a private matter, between  them, me, God, and our OSMG (= Old Sewing Machine Guy or Gal. 'Old' can describe the machines, the guy/gal, or both.)  

After all, it's inevitable that someday, when sewing machines have enough computerized artificial intelligence to attain consciousness, like HAL in '2001, A Space Odyssey' they will take over the planet, and hang signs around us humanoids, explaining what WE do wrong ('Neglects to Brush Out the Feed Dogs After Every Use.') Perhaps if I show mercy for my machines today, they'll take pity on me in the sewing-machine-world-domination future, and not embarrass me in front of all my human peers.....


  1. Your vintage Bernina may need its feed dogs adjusted. The feed dogs on my 1230 did a really weird thing one day and got stuck at an angle down underneath. It got to where it just wouldn't sew. When I picked it up from the hospital, they said the feed dogs needed to be adjusted and it was a common problem they'd seen on the 1230. In hindsight that probably explains all the problems I'd had with it for several years. It sews great now.

    Barbara in MD

  2. Barbara, thanks for the input. It actually developed this problem AFTER being tuned up a couple of months ago. I just need to summon the energy to drag it back to the shop! (I should be wearing the sign around my neck!)